Rustic DIY Rough Looking Coat Hanger

In the country side you can always learn how to use rough materials to build new things. Here you find out how you recycle different objects and materials and learn to appreciate more the environment which offers you so many resources.

DIY Rough Looking Coat Hanger1

Maybe it is time that we think about all these things more and try to find what is best in us and in our surrounding world so that we can create wonderful and healthy things.

For those who appreciate all these things and would like to create a rustic atmosphere on their hall this DIY project may give them an idea.

As a colder season came on we definitely need more clothes than we have used on the previous season and an extra coat hanger can be very useful for this period.Now you can create a rustic DIY Rough Looking Coat Hanger that if you believe it or not ,it will not cost you anything.

DIY Rough Looking Coat Hanger1

This simple DIY Rough Looking Coat Hanger is made from tree branches and recycled wood that you can find them anywhere in the woods. Its design will look original as you may choose different types of branches of various sizes and you may arrange them the way you please. So the only thing that will take you some time is to find the right materials that you need in order to create the appropriate coat hanger that will fit your needs.{found on flickr}