5 Simple DIY Shelf And Planter Combos For The Bathroom

A floating shelf or basically any other type of shelf is a useful and desirable element in areas such as the bathroom where space is usually limited and the focus is on functional and practical designs and layouts. Another lovely feature for a bathroom is a planter. Certain species of plants love moisture and this makes them idea for this space. Combine these two elements for a great combo.

Pallet divider for bathroom

A single wooden pallet is enough to make a piece that serves both as a shelf and as a planter stand for the bathroom. The versatility of the design allows you to install the shelf/ stand in a lot of different places and ways. For example, if the toilet and tub are adjacent, separate them and, at the same time, create a beautiful privacy screen for the tub area. In this case it would also be really easy to water the plants.{found on memoirsofawannabegypsy}.

Towel rack shelf

Another interesting idea is to design a floating shelf that doubles as a towel rack. You can find a description of the project on Themerrythought. The materials needed include a wooden board, a round dowel, flat braces, copper tubing hooks, double point tacks, a saw and a drill. Once you’ve cut the board and dowel to the desired size, attach the hooks and braces and then mount the whole thing on the wall.

House shelving

The design featured on Burkatron is really cute and, at the same time, really simple. The shelf resembles a house and is really useful for storing lotions and other bathroom necessities. It’s also a perfect place for a small planter. You can build this shelf using wood boards and small nails and glue. Paint it white or any other color you like.

Hanging rope shelves for bathroom

A different option is to use a set of existing shelves and to put them in a new design. Of course, you can make this from scratch by cutting wood boards to the desire shape and size. Check out Atthewalkerhouse for detailed instructions. You’ll be using rope to connect all three shelves (the number can differ) which would only be an aesthetic detail since each shelf is individually attached to the wall. Consider display a planter or two on these shelves to freshen up and atmosphere and the décor.

DIY Floating Shelves for Bathroom

A very cute and very simple design for bathroom floating shelves is also offered on Simplydesigning. All you need is wood, plywood, screws and stain. Once you’ve cut all the lengths of wood you can start to assemble the floating shelf. You’ll end up with a robust and solid-looking piece which you can mount on the wall, in a corner and basically anywhere you want. Add a planter and use the rest of the surface for storage and display purposes.