Rustic and Warm Berman’s Bakery by Studio Yaron Tal

When I think about bakery products, I already picture them in front of my eyes. Berman’s Bakery is among the bakeries that make you think and dream about its products. It is actually a store in Jerusalem; the work of Studio Yaron Tal that t was opened in 2011. Nothing compares to the industrial look, both rustic and warm at the same time.

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The flour bags were probably created especially and placed in order to provide that real and authentic look.All the displays were designed with a first intention that of giving credit to the main products: bread and pastries, but the emphasis is on maximum functionality to the user. The front of the store with its shop window presents the products in such a way that gives that perfect look, which increases sales and, at the same time, creates interest.

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Not only the light, but also the way of disposing the products reveals authenticity, everything around having an own way of increasing your interest in buying the most appealing products. Everything looks so good, that you feel the need to take home at least one piece of the most attractive, if not of all products. Once you look at the window, it seems like you already feel that unique smell of tasty things that will make you remember a certain flavor. The entire space is an example of perfection and this makes everything even more inviting.