Royal Naval Porthole Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

I know that all of you have seen the Titanic – the movie. It is impressive and beautiful and it gives us some idea about the way ships used to look one century ago. I liked the round and nice windows of the small passenger rooms that opened just a bit to let the fresh air in. I guess I am not the only one to love these porthole windows, as some people got inspired by them and designed different items from mirrors to medicine cabinets. This Royal Naval Porthole Mirrored Medicine Cabinet is a combination of both. It keeps the original design of a 19th-century ship’s porthole and brings a special marine air to the room.

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The cabinet is hidden behind the mirror shape and appearance. But once you open it you will reveal the inside – the medicine cabinet contents. It is discreet and nice, having mirrored faces both inside and outside. The small shelves meant to store the medicine boxes are made of glass and enhance the reflection of every sun ray in the mirror. You can mount the cabinet on the wall and use it as a mirror above the bathroom sink. It is just the perfect height to suggest you a ship’s porthole. The item can be purchased for $495.