Royal dark blue upholstery chair

The chair is made by the designer Barclay Butera. The royal chair is very interesting, it looks like it came straight up from a palace. The white wood is carefully sculpted so that it gives the chair a more king touch. The seat and the back seat of the chair are made from material. The color of the material is dark blue. The chair is handcrafted from beech with a remarkable finish.

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If you have a classic interior designed home, you should definitely purchase this chair. The manufacturer says that he makes products that last long, he strips down to the bottom of the product to make it just perfect. You are used to see this kind of chairs in auctions, where a lot of people fight to buy it. If you don’t have the time for that, this chair will come at an exact price anytime you want. I like how the chrome nails that fixes the dark blue material to the white wood. A good product like this has its own personality, a majestic look and a comfortable chair for your tense days.

The chair comes in only one combination of colors, white and dark blue. The chair comes at a price of $1,949.00. Expensive or not the chair looks like it emerged from the stories. The dimensions are 29″W x 30″D x 41″T. Seat, 19″T. The upholstery is made by cotton velvet.