Royal chair with Tomato Leather and Limestone Leather piping

The ‘Royal chair’ as I call it, is hand made inNew Englandusing kiln dried hardwood Maple sourced fromNew Englandand The Mid Atlantic. The chair looks like a British Gentleman’s one. So if you want to be one you should buy one for your living room. The chair calls for long debates and socialization with friends. Being so cozy it is hard to quit.

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The brand from New England, that constructs this chairs, gives you the variant to use your own material or leather. The leather chair has a beautiful brown color that looks like it warms up the place wherever it stands. In this chair you can spend the most relaxed moments. With the unique look, I know that you will feel accomplished! The chair comes in different leather colors. You can command a gray one, brawn one or, why not, go with the red one which I think it’s the best color for a royal chair.

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I think the ‘Royal chair’ fits best in a library, where you can immerse while reading a good book. The dimensions for the ‘Royal chair’ are 30w x 37d x 40h, the arm height is 21 and the seat height is 19. The leather is English bull hide produced in northernItalywith a soft oil tonnage. This is a kind of leather that will shine in time in the exact way that it shines when you buy the chair.The price it’s available on request.