Roundy Residence by The Miller Hull Partnership Architecture

Whenever we spend our holydays on the beach admiring the sea or the ocean and we see the beautiful bluff we involuntarily imagine how it would be to actually live there and to be able to enjoy all that beauty whenever you want. Here’s a property that might help satisfy our curiosity.

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Located in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, United States, this beautiful property stretches along the bluff, providing incredible views to the owners. Because of the unusual location, the house had to be structured differently, in a way that would allow the owners to take advantage of the landscape and to use it their favor. This way they take advantage of the passive solar heating during the winter while during the summer month they can enjoy the shade.

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The public and private spaces are functionally divided. The public areas, meaning the living areas, the entry porch and the garage are situated along the bluff. This way everyone can admire the beautiful views. In contrast, the private spaces like the bedrooms and guest rooms are being protected by the gardens and the terrace. Where these two sides of the house meet, there’s a two storey tower that contains an art studio and office space. The spaces seem to be very nicely delimitated in a way that allows everyone to have privacy while still feeling safe and part of a larger structure.