Round wooden garden swing from Amazonas

If you have a garden or a patio and just a bit of land around the house, then you will certainly want to use it for a swing. It is so relaxing to stay there, swinging back and forth and enjoying the morning coffee or the afternoon tea, together with your loved ones, breathing the fresh air and thanking God for the peace and quiet of your home. And, of course, the material of choice for this kind of swing is wood. Wooden swings are better to use in gardens, as they are closer to nature and feel a lot warmer than the metal ones.

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Normally garden swings have a rectangular form and they have support on either side. However, there are also some other unique and unusual swings that are a bit out of the ordinary and have a round or even oval shape. They are supported by a wooden curved support that comes somewhat from behind and the swing hangs from it. The frame is also made of wood and there are only a few curved boards that support it, so you have to use a soft cushion to make it more comfortable. The model of this swing can be single or double and it offers a comfortable support either way. Just take a break and enjoy a peaceful afternoon with your partner in this swing and all the problems will fade away. You can get more information and even purchase it from the Internet Gardener and Cocktail.