8 Modern Dining Tables With Round Tops and Stylish Bases

Deciding which shape is the best for a dining table is an impossible task. Each type of table comes with its own set of pros and cons. Dining tables that have round tops are very appreciated for their ability to bring people closer together and to create a casual and pleasant ambiance. They tend, however, to be less space-efficient than others and to only suit certain types of layouts and spaces. Given the right circumstances, each of the following designs would look exquisite in a modern dining area.

Venezia round table

The metal base of the Venezia table doesn’t weigh down its design. In fact, the simplicity and elegance of the design is meant to make the table look lightweight. Both the top and the base have circular designs and this emphasizes the overall simple approach and the table’s sophisticated charm. The top is available in a variety of materials, finishes and colors, this giving the table a highly versatile character.

Roma round dining table

Simplicity takes a different form in the case of the Roma table. This is a furniture piece made entirely of wood. Its top has a little bit of retro charm, featuring inlays of alternating wedges of different colors. The table has tapered legs, all the same color. Numerous finishes and color options are available, including veneers in oak, ebony, teak, wenge, walnut which can either be opaque or shiny.

Gorge round laquared white dining table

George is a very stylish dining table designed by Pietro Arosio. It’s part of a collection with includes tables with both round and rectangular tops. The round version of the table features a wooden top and chrome-plated legs. The combination is interesting and, because the top is white, also very sleek and perfect for modern and contemporary spaces with casual but also sophisticated interior designs.

Mesa due dining table

The design of the Mesa Due table puts together two very simple geometric forms. The top of the table is circular and the base is a cone-shaped. The designers at Vignelli Associates developed two versions of the table, one with a stone base and the other with a steel base covered in leather, this one also featuring a counterweight system that keeps it stable. Both versions are simple and equally sophisticated.

Conic lacquared round table

A similar combination of geometric forms is also featured by the Conic table. This one is the result of a collaborative design process between Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen. The simplicity of the design allows the table to be quite versatile and just as suitable for dining areas as it is for offices and meeting spaces. The base is made from a composite material that’s completely recyclable and the top is made of wood with natural oak, dark oak or walnut finish options.

Bonaldo mass table

The Mass Table combines a wooden top and a metal base. It was designed by Alain Gilles for Bonaldo and it celebrates the company’s 18th anniversary. The design marks the separation from the typical traditional tables with solid and imposing bases and matching tops. Even though the base is made of metal, it has a lightweight look and is beautifully complemented by the wooden top. There’s definitely a slight industrial influence in the design although the composition as a whole I delicate and graceful.

Radar table design

A metal base is combined, in the case of the Radar table with a marble top. The base features delicate curves and a graceful shape and the bottom portion can either be white or black. The steel bars that form the pedestal are laser-cut and chrome-plated or painted white. The marble top is very thin and this allows the table to look lightweight and to match a marble kitchen island, countertop or backsplash.

Round crystal table cattelan italia

Tables that have glass tops often feature sculptural bases. An intriguing example is the Carioca table. Available in two versions: a small dining table with a round top and a larger one with an oval top and a double base. The table is designed by Andrea Lucatello and its sculptural walnut base looks a little bit like a loose knot.