Rotating bookcase wall made from recycled materials

You’re probably familiar with rotating walls. They are usually seen in movies, where they hide secret doors behind them. A classical image is that of a bookcase that rotates and reveals a secret passage. It’s a somewhat futuristic image but it’s actually based on a very simple system. You can have a rotating bookcase in your home and it would be a very clever way of maximizing the space and taking full advantage of every inch in your home.

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Small living areas usually feature compact furniture and wall bookcases. They take little space and they are practical and great for storing all sorts of objects, from books to decorations and small treasures. A team of Australian designers used that classic design and improved it, creating a wall of rotating bookcases. Not only that they are very ingenious and impressive but they were also a clever used of recycled plywood. The rotating bookcase wall is called UnWaste and it was a collaboration between architect Ben Milbourne, eco-designer Leyla Acaroglu and furniture designer David Waterworth.

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In order to be able to enjoy this creation, you would have to have a split-level home. The rotating bookcase wall is actually a very clever and ingenious way of dividing two spaces or two rooms. The wall measures 4.6 metre high by 3.8 metre wide (15 feet by 12.5 feet) and it’s a rotating library as well as a room divider. It allows you to have access to the books from either side of the wall. On one side the wall is covered with shelves and books while on the other it’s a simple wall that can be used to hang art or pictures on.{found on threehugger}.