The Stories Of Six Dressers Changed By Stylish Makeovers

Dressers are often the subject of some really great and inspiring makeovers. That’s partially due to the fact their design is simple and doesn’t vary much with the styles. The most important aspect is that dressers have simple, long drawers which are easy to paint or decorate. Most dresser makeovers take advantage of this structural simplicity.

Striped dresser

Stripes and dressers go hand in hand. It’s possible to obtain a striped pattern by painting the drawer fronts with a color different from the rest of the frame. However, if you want the stripes to be thinner you’ll have to use a different strategy. As always, painter’s tape is your best friend in this case. Use it to define a series of stripes on the dresser and use alternating contrasting colors such as white and red, black and white, etc.

Before and after renovation dresser

The easiest way to change the look of a dresser is by painting it. There’s no need to use bold colors in order to make a big difference. If you start with a plain dresser, the transformation will be eye-catching and dramatic no matter what colors you use. Check out the makeover project featured on fynesdesigns for an idea of how such a transformation would look like. The combination of white and gray is subtle but also elegant. As you can see, this drawer also got some trim work for the drawer fronts.

Black and white dresser design

If you decide to paint a drawer to change its look, you can choose from a variety of designs, patterns and ideas. One option is to create a geometric design. Use tape to define the design and pick your colors. The black and white combo is always fashionable. In case you need inspiration with your geometric look, check out the makeover featured on thesweetestoccasion. You can transform it into an asymmetrical or more complex design if desired.

Mind dressed makeover

There’s always the option to use a single color for the whole dresser. If you pick a color such as the bright mint green featured on thesweetestdigs you can be certain that the dresser will stand out. This is a color that looks especially good on vintage furniture. Painting the dresser should be easy. Just take out all the drawers, paint the fronts and then paint the rest of the dresser. The interior areas can stay are they are. The golden drawer pulls look chic and elegant and this is a combination which you can also use for your own project.

Thrift store dresser makeover

Before painting the dresser, you’ll have to sand it to prep the surfaces for the paint. However, you can skip this step if you decide to use chalk paint. This type of paint is very easy to work with, simplifying the whole process. You can find out more about it on kayleeeylander.Here you’ll also find a recipe for the chalk paint used in this project. Once you’re done painting the dresser, apply a coat of wax to seal and protect the paint.

French dresser before and after

The dresser makeover described on grillo-designs was done using c=homemade chalk paint. The other supplies needed for this project include white primer spray, black glaze, wax spray, a sponge roller, a paintbrush and, of course, a dresser. First you sand the whole piece and you clean it. Then tape the inside of the drawers and dresser and cover these areas with paper. Prime the dresser and then apply the paint. Add a second coat and then seal it with glaze.