Rose Shaped Rug

I think there is a reason why woolen Persian rugs are the best and the most famous in the world: you get the best quality rugs only if you use wool. Well, I just love woolen rugs because they are so thick and soft, comfortable for the feet and feeling great on the skin and also protecting you from the cold of the flooring. Any way, rugs are even more charming if they have a nice floral drawing or if they have a floral shape, too. At least that is what I think. So this rose shaped rug is perfect.

Rose shaped wool rug

Not only is it amazingly shaped like a rose, but it also feel like one and this is three-dimensionally. There are several layers of woolen rug that come on top of each other, looking like the petals of a rose. It is eye-catching and fashionable and it looks as if it were carved, except is isn’t. It is huge, as its diameter is 1,50 m and it is available in only two colours: white and red. If you like it like I do you can have it for €184.00.