16 Ways to Bring Rose Quartz to Dinner This Spring

Blush pink has been slowly making a comeback in our home decorating over the past year. But by naming Rose Quartz the color of the year, Pantone has essentially promised us an explosion of the shade in the whole house. I whole heartedly approve, especially when it comes to the dinner table. There isn’t much in the way of pink when it comes to food, so adding rose quartz decor to your dining room table will bring a whole new element to your meals and make everything you cook look even more delicious. Take a look at these 16 ways you can bring rose quartz to dinner this spring.

Pink linen tablecloth

Shall we start at the bottom? Because this lovely blush linen tablecloth is just the thing to cover your dining room table. You can definitely make Easter an excuse to buy one and then continue to use it for every day. Just because you can. (via Terrain)

Pink dinnerware

These are possibly the prettiest patterned dishes I’ve ever seen. Think about how great your green salad will look against that pink, blue and yellow background. You’ll want to use these dishes for every special occasion in the book. And every Sunday. (via Anthropologie)

Pink petit four plate

Are you into serving all those lovely tiny hors d’oeuvres at your gatherings? A three tiered plate like this, that gives a nod to rose quartz, will be something you pull out for all your future dinner parties. (via West Elm)

Light rose pink glases

Pink glassware is just so delicate and lovely. Even if you have plain white dishes, pulling out rose quartz tumblers like these will make even the most casual meals feel fancy. (via CB2)

Cotten printed pink napkin

When choosing a set of patterned napkins, it’s essential that there is pink in the pattern someplace. Because how can you have table linens for spring without some of the pale shade that reminds us of flowers and sunrises? (via Terrain)

Pink latte bowls

Just imagine starting off your day by eating your cereal out of rose quartz bowls. How can you resist? A set of these beauties will match any other dishes you have in your cabinets. (via Anthropologie)

perk pink mug

While we’re talking about breakfast, drink your coffee from a pink mug. Somehow it manages to feel chic and vintage all at the same time. (via CB2)

Pink floral platter

Here’s a serving platter you won’t mind displaying proudly in your kitchen. Those pink flowers will be the centerpiece of your spring table while the summer blooms will brighten up the place in summer and the leaves carry you through fall. (via Terrain)

Pink placemats

Why pink placemats you ask? Because you can not only use them on your dining room table, you can take them outdoors to your patio and make sure there’s pink there too. (via West Elm)

Pink face bowls

Ceramics with faces have been an up and coming for a while now so it’s only appropriate that we put the trend on a pink bowl. While I know these would be fun additions to the dinner table, I would need one extra to plant a little succulent in. (via West Elm)

Pink patterned pitcher

Pitchers might seem frivolous things until you have a party and need something nice to hold lemonade. This rose quartz pitcher is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s calling my name too. (via Anthropologie)

Hand painted plates

Having dishes that are hand painted is a luxury. But if you’re really worried about having something so unique, it’s a good way to go. These hand painted dishes are a perfect blend of pink and blue, all watercolored together. (via Etsy)

Pink linen napkins

I can’t get over the linen tablecloth at the top of this post. So I had to include the matching pink linen napkins. They just whisper of shabby chic while staying well in the grounds of French country. (via Terrain)

Pink stemware

Pink stemware? Absolutely genius. Not only will this bring class and style to your dinner table, it will also spruce up your bar cart in the living room. That’s a win for everyone. (via Anthropologie)

Metallic Napkins colorful

I couldn’t resist adding one more set of napkins. This pretty pink toned linens have just a hint of sparkle to them, effectively bringing a taste of metallic to your table. Not literally of course. (via West Elm)

Floral paper straws

Love the rose quartz decor but strapped for decorating cash? I can empathize. Thankfully a simple way to add pink to your table comes in the form of paper straws. Find a pretty pink pattern you love and use them in your drinks all spring long. (via Terrain)