Rose Flower Ball Lantern

When it is a special event in your family and you want to celebrate it by throwing a garden party, it is a good idea to make the place as festive as possible in order to show it is something important, something out of the ordinary. Here is something I found while surfing the Internet and which I really like: the Rose Flower Ball Lantern. It is so beautiful and delicate that you can hardly believe it is made of PVC. Besides, if you take four or five of these and hang them in your garden, your party will be amazing.

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As you probably realized from the picture, this is a nice paper lantern that is decorated with nice looking beige PVC roses that have a great design and look amazing. The lantern has an inner nylon frame that supports the paper ball and is purchased with a light cord. Here is the most interesting part if you ask me: this lantern is actually functioning: you can place a light bulb inside and it will spread a diffuse beige light around, like a surreal ball of flowers.Each lantern has 12″ in diameter and can be purchased for $27.95.