Rose Chair by Masanori Umeda

I like roses and I think all women do for their elegance and softness, for the colour and especially for the velvet touch. That inspired many people working in all fields to create new and interesting products. I found this amazing chair that looks exactly like a rose and feels great, offering all the comfort you could ask for. It is called … the Rose chair and it was designed by the Italian designer Masanori Umeda. It is manufactured by the guys from Edra who do a great job.

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They paid attention to all details and obtained an exquisite piece of furniture. It looks exactly like a rose and the petals are in fact hand made cushions made of velvet and having polyurethane foam inside. This confers the softness and comfort. The frame of the chair has a metal skeleton, but the round and soft parts are made of wood. Then there’s the whole upholstery of delicate rose petals that make the chair a luxury product. The legs are made of brushed aluminum which is covered in the end by some transparent finish coating that make them look all shiny and elegant. It has the right size for a comfortable seating (H 80 cm, Seat H 48 cm, W 90 cm, Depth 82 cm) and can be purchased for about 6,000 pounds.