Roost Floating Feather Ornament

There is a funny thing in nature: all animals, big or small, use all their physical advantages t attract the opposite sex, their mates and when it comes to birds this becomes really interesting because they use their feathers for this. Usually the males are the ones displaying their beautifully coloured feathers in order to attract the female. So they display their nice feathers hoping for the best. So peacock, pheasants, lyre birds, parrots and lots of other birds make a real show of displaying their “plumage”. Well, since it works with their mates, it certainly works with people, too, as we love their colourful feathers and use them to decorate our hats and dresses. But somebody thought this would be a nice decoration for home, too.

Hanging accessories

So they used nice feathers and inserted them into hand blown glass in order tot urn them into beautiful home decorations: glass balls with shiny feathers inside. These wonderful accessories are offered by the guys from Home Remedy from New york and it is a cool and original way of decorating your home. Each of these glass spheres, drops and icicles has a bigger or smaller beautiful feather inside and you can have them arranged as sets of three or even seven such accessories in order to give a special feature to your living room. One such set is available for a price between $36 and $60, depending on the size and number of accessories. And, in my opinion, they are worth every cent.