Room Design Hints To Help You Along The Decorating Path

It’s hard to describe the interior design process in a way that encompasses all the possible options and includes all the rooms and styles. Although there are rules to guide you along the way, sometimes the best rule of all is to simply be yourself and to let your personality be reflected in the decor of your home. Even so, in order to be able to do that, there are many little things to consider. Room designs are very diverse and mistakes skulk around every corner.

Modern kitchen design with a hoodView in gallery
It’s always nice to make a space feel comfortable through unexpected methods (like this stack of books in the kitchen)
Room design with geometric shelvesView in gallery
Geometric designs and patterns work well with simple and neutral colors and minimalist decors
Luxury bedroom design to create a lux roomView in gallery
When decorating a room, pick a style and go with it. Look for something that suits the space
Traditional oval room design with chairsView in gallery
Be bold and, if you like the eclectic look, mix and match various textures and patterns
Wire base furniture and purple sofaView in gallery
Take your time with color and lighting. It’s not worth making compromises
andTradition sofa design in bold color orangeView in gallery
When you design a room with a seating area, make it look inviting and comfortable

When you design a room, it’s important to not lose focus. So, first of all, decide what your priorities should be. The function of the room is the key to a lot of decisions and little details. A good rule to always keep in mind is to try to make the most of every room. So go back to the very basics. A living room, for example, needs to be a room where everyone is comfortable and were you’re, well, living. So don’t make it too formal if this is not your style.

Collection of round tablesView in gallery
Decorate with multiples. For example, opt for a cluster of small tables instead of a single large one
Felt bedroom headboard with hanging lamps over night standsView in gallery
Try to stay away from the usual ceiling light fixtures and to look for interesting alternatives instead
Gold mirror frame for bathroomView in gallery
Similarly, avoid the standard mirror and sconce combo in the bathroom
Lxury leather tufted bathroom furnitureView in gallery
Look for ways to introduce an unexpected element in a room that’s usually bland
Marble bathroom wall with LED mirror on wallView in gallery
Think of how a room should make you feel before you decorate it
Gold accents for living roomView in gallery
Visually speaking, less is more so try not to overdecorate
Decorate the room with diff accessoriesView in gallery
Creating a custom focal point by putting together a collection of objects
Books wallpaper designView in gallery
A common decorating mistake is not including enough lighting
Small leather couch for roomView in gallery
Take into consideration proportions and try to create a harmonious balance in the room
Bedroom design for modern peopleView in gallery
Put a twist on symmetry. Instead of using two identical features, look at things a little differently
Blue sofa and shelves behindView in gallery
Use light, shadow and color to your advantage and manipulate the ambiance
Large l shaped sofa with a grey patternView in gallery
Having a sofa or other seating units placed in a corner doesn’t really encourage conversation

Other elements to take into consideration have to do with the nature of your home. If it’a rental then you need to look for temporary room design solutions and to use versatile furniture pieces and decorations which you can easily transplant in a different setting if and when needed. Similarly, if you’re looking to sell the house, avoid making it look too personal and leave some room for imagination. And regardless of all those things, always focus on authenticity and avoid using cliches that only help point out the bag stuff.

Masculine bedroom design with dark colorsView in gallery
Dark colors can easily make a space look gloomy but they can also give it a dramatic and theatrical look
Masculine dining room designView in gallery
A lot of room designs miss the essential: finding your own style
Light sofa pattern on a dark backgroundView in gallery
For a balanced decor, mix modern and traditional furniture and decorations
Grey pattern sofa and built in wall shelvesView in gallery
Add color to a room through accent pieces such as area rugs or artwork
Orange velvet couch and plantsView in gallery
Add life to a room by decorating the space with potted plants and terrariums
Gold round coffee table with orange velved armchairsView in gallery
Use a rich and unexpected color to add uniqueness to a room
Bedroom floor unit designView in gallery
Use mirrors to make a space look larger or highlight a beautiful view
Floating wall unit for living roomView in gallery
Use accent lighting to emphasize beautiful artwork or to create focal points

The whole process of decorating a room is a big contradictory. On one hand there are lots of small rules designed to make this easier and to prevent commonly-made mistakes. On the other hand, a lot of professional designers encourage us to be creative, to forget about the rules and to follow our hearts. Of course, it’s easy to do that when you at least have some sort of idea regarding what you’re doing. In any case, the best course of action seems to be somewhere in the middle. In other words, don’t dismiss other people’s suggestions and advice but always remember that the final decision is yours.

Modern floating wall unit for roomView in gallery
To make a large living room look warm and inviting, use organic colors such as brown and green
Decorate the wall with diff frames and artView in gallery
Bold and unexpected art lets you design a room with a lot of character
Traditional kitchen islandView in gallery
There’s always a way to add a touch of style to a utilitarian room
Whtie traditional kitchen designView in gallery
Make small upgrades and pay attention to details in order to make a room more enjoyable

Each room poses a different set of challenges when decorating it. In the living room, for example, finding the perfect balance between looks and comfort is always a struggle. The bedroom makes it difficult to keep the decor fresh and simple while also infusing it with a personal touch in order to give it an inviting and comfortable look. Utilitarian spaces such as the bathroom or laundry room are often difficult to design and decorate because of their limited floor size. Having a lot of space is not easier either. Working with proportions can sometimes prove to be quite a challenge.