Romantic Moon Phases Lamp by Verner Panton

Moon is one of the romantic elements specific to the artistic current called Romanticism. Together with other romantic elements as: lake, night, stars, rebellious attitude, loneliness inspired many artists. They represent symbols of Romanticism and create a romantic atmosphere.

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In case you are a romantic person and you would like to decorate your house with romantic objects this type of lamp is one of them. It was a concept of the Danish Verner Panton whose project appeared in 1960.It is made of plastic and metal sheet, materials that replaced the original glass.

As its name says “Moon Phases Lamp” it is a special lamp that imitates the shape of the moon. It is a dynamic lamp that changes its light position just like the phases of the moon that we can see on the sky.

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It is a lamp that can make you think of some romantic walks under the beautiful light of the moon.

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