Romantic “Mademoiselle” armoire by Koket

I love many things and among them butterflies seem to occupy an important place. They mean elegance, fragility and freedom. They are also a great source of inspirations especially for painters, designers of all kinds or science men. You may notice clothes that have prints with butterflies, plates for a nice dinner table which display the image of a lovely butterfly, pillows or bedding that charm you with their beautifully colored butterflies. Jewelry is also a domain where butterflies may appear. Earrings or broaches that take the shape of an elegant butterfly are extremely favored by most of the women.

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If you want a kind of jewelry in your bedroom, Koket created a gorgeous handcrafted brass armoire called Mademoiselle. Its beautiful design which displays the image of a polished brass butterfly that overlays the pink-silk doors of this armoire, indeed shows the refined elegance of a real mademoiselle.

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Mademoiselle is a real jewelry for any space which is part of Koket’s Guilty Pleasures collection and offers a lot of storage place with two adjustable shelves and eight drawers where you can put a lot of your things.This brass armoire becomes easily a centerpiece for any room and an eye-catching item for any sight which notice such a beauty!