Romantic Apartment Interior Featuring Neutrals And Pastels

Even though red is the color of passion and it’s considered to be a symbol of romance, other more subtle and less bold colors can create a romantic mood as well. For example, a soothing décor can be quite romantic if you choose the right features. This apartment perfectly illustrates this idea. The apartment only covered an area of 67 square meters but it looks more spacious than it is.

Feminine sweden interior design

That’s due to the interior décor, the colors, the style and the layout. Let’s start with the color palette. We can see that it’s very simple and it’s composed of white which has been used as the main color in combination with grey and pastel shades of pink. The wooden flooring also has a light finish and further contributes to the overall soothing and relaxing atmosphere. It merges nicely with all the other colors and it also adds warmth to the space.

Feminine sweden interior design1

Feminine sweden interior design2

Feminine sweden interior design3

Feminine sweden interior design4

Feminine sweden interior design5

Feminine sweden interior design6

Feminine sweden interior design7

Feminine sweden interior design8

This apartment is just another beautiful example of a Nordic interior. The simplicity of the décor, the color palette, the chic combination of styles and the perfect balance between classical and modern are just a few elements that make this apartment so charming. The white base creates a neutral background on which all the other features stand out, even if they’re simple as well.

Feminine sweden interior design9

Feminine sweden interior design10

Feminine sweden interior design11

Feminine sweden interior design12

Feminine sweden interior design13

Feminine sweden interior design14

In addition, the white walls and ceilings make the rooms feel more spacious, more open and airy. As we’ve already mentioned, the apartment also looks romantic. It’s not an atmosphere dictated by a particular element but one that is created through harmony and perfect balance. In this case, that harmony comes from the beautiful use of colors, the simplicity of the décor, the way some features stand out and become focal points without striking the eye and also from the way the whole apartment comes together as an inviting home.{found on Stadshem}.