Romance of the Rose Porcelain from Franz Collection

I know that nowadays people prefer simple things and simple homes and we barely crawl into a restaurant or fast food to grab a bite. But there are still plenty of refined houses out there where old fashioned people still dress up for dinner and eat out of porcelain plates. And if they do not do that every day, at least they keep the habit for the rare special occasions. It is for these people (and myself) that I found this special and exquisite Rose of the rose porcelain collection. The whole collection includes a cup/saucer/spoon mini-set, a sculptured porcelain tea-pot, a large tray, a large vase and a magnificent asymmetrical desert plate.

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This porcelain set is unique and special because it is manufactured by Franz Collection Inc. and it has its named derived from its distinctive mark – the applied porcelain rose. It looks amazing against the white of the porcelain and also having some green insertions. Each piece is handcrafted and hand painted and that makes them unique and very valuable. You cannot order them directly on the Internet, but you can consult the list of retailers of Franz Collection and see which is the nearest store. Any way, it is worth admiring, not to mention having such a delicate and elegant set in the living room.