Rollout drawers solution for saving space in your kitchen

In principle, every room needs to be clean, airy and organized. But the kitchen is especially tricky because in here there are lots of items that are needed but that still need to be stored, to be put away somewhere so that the kitchen remains clean, airy and functional. For that you need to find clever storage solutions and ways to hide all those items but to still have them in reach. Let’s take a look at a few ideas that seem very promising.

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Rollout drawers are extremely practical and suitable for the kitchen. For example, you could have a rollout spice drawer in order to efficiently use the space in your kitchen. To make the drawer stand out, use unique hardware and custom elements. You could also make it blend in and look like built-in furniture.

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A rollout drawer is a wonderful example of vertical storage that allows you to save space while also being practical. Use it for anything from spices to cleaning products. Make sure you showcase it nicely by accentuating the front of the drawer. Use a contrasting material or color and different hardware to show the difference.

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You can also start from a pullout drawer and make something more suitable for your needs. For example, you could make a pullout cooking utensils station. It’s basically a rollout storage space organized in a way that allows you to store there all your utensils, spatulas, oven mitts, etc.

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And here’s a larger version of the pullout drawer. It’s a full-height rollout cabinet, great for storing all sorts of things from plates, glasses, bottles, things you usually keep in the pantry, etc. the casters allow easy access and additional support. Once again, a very clever use of space.

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Here’s another example of a cleverly used space. This time it’s a small cabinet with shelves but the innovation doesn’t lie there. The interesting thing about the cabinet and what makes it so functional is the fact that the doors slide back into vertical compartment so they don’t take up space. In addition, the glass shelves make it easier to see what’s at the back of the shelf.

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Lots of people enjoy spending time in the kitchen socializing and even working. But when there’s not much space available, you have to get creative. For example, a pullout banquette would be a wise use of space and you can also have a pullout cabinet to serve as a worktop. In this case the cabinet hides a printer.

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