Rolling bookcase by Michaël Bihain

The round shape seems to be very popular these days. We have seen round tables, coffee tables, round entertainment centers, round Storage spaces and even rolling fireplace designs. So it’s not that unusual to see this round bookcase. It’s a very modern and impressive design and it comes in many bright colors.

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This unusual bookcase features several cells or storage units that are very small and can only accommodate one book each. So it’s not the most appropriate design for those who have a large book collection. You will have to be very selective in your choices as you can only use this piece to store 15 books. So create a top for the best 15 books you have. The idea behind this project was to create something different that differentiates itself from the conventional bookcase design. It’s more than a bookcase, in fact it’s a decorative piece, more than a practical storage space.

The Patratas, as it is called, was designed by Michaël Bihain and it’s made of expanded polypropylene. It’s a very modern adaptation of the traditional design. It would be a very interesting addition to a modern or contemporary home. Since it comes in many bright colors, you can choose whatever goes best with the rest of your furniture and interior design. It’s not a very practical or functional piece of furniture, but it’s a great decorative piece.