Roh Shelving

We live in homes, not in museums, so a bit of a mess from time to time is completely understandable. But if your house is clean this is not so bad. However, no matter how clean and beautiful a house is, if things are thrown all over the place it still does not look nice. That is why it is very important to keep all the things in their place, I mean store all the small items in certain places where you can get them easily. Roh Shelving is such a nice and useful item, whether I am talking about the kids’ room, a teenager’s room or even an adult’s room. This piece of furniture is made in USA by Spot On Square.

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This shelving unit is actually a combination between a two drawer closet and two shelves placed on top of each other. However, when they are stuck together the shelving squares will be four in number, as you use the top part of the cabinet as shelf, too. The lower side of the unit is brown and the shelves are white. You can also choose whether the shelves should have back or not and be placed against the wall. The item can be purchased for $1,349.00.