Robert Cannon Creates Magic with Moss and Concrete

If you thought moss is something you should always get rid of, you need to see how Robert Cannon, a Yale graduate interested in Architecture, works his magic. Robert, a multi-award winning genius is able to create overwhelming sculptures with moss and concrete. These modern and aesthetic sculptures are capable of adding a unique touch to your garden or even the terrace. The images of the sculptures are good enough to confirm the great aesthetic value of these designs.

Terraformsculpture041View in gallery

These pieces are really beautiful and interesting. They are art pieces. If I has the space for them I would definitely like to include them in my home design. My favorite piece would have to be the horse, mostly because I have a thing for horses. Although, it looks a little creepy with those holes in the eyes.  Each and every piece from this collection is unique and very beautiful.

Terraformsculpture031View in gallery

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Terraformsculpture051View in gallery

This is not something that you see very often. It’s obvious that the one who created these pieces has a lot of talent. They would make a great addition to a beautiful garden. It’s a really unique collection and art lovers probably agree with me. I really don’t know what else to say about this collection other than it’s beautiful. It’s quite amazing how the creator managed to do this with nothing but concrete and moss. Actually that’s pretty clever, to use moss in the design, because it gives the sculptures an animated touch.