Rip + Tatter Kid’s Chair by Pete Oyler

We all know that pollution is very dangerous for the whole planet and that you must try to stop it by finding new innovative solution for producing more and more things in an ecological manner. Let’s take chairs for example. They are made of wood (in which case a tree has to die in order for us to have a chair, thus leading to more pollution) or of plastic – which is obtained by a long process of combining chemicals that affect the air, water and soil. Any way, environmentalists are happy to see that more and more designers start using recycled materials for their work.

Rip plus tatter kid chair pete oyler 2

This chair is the perfect example of what you can do with a hammer, some industrial cardboard and a lot of imagination. It is called the “Rip+Tatter chair” and it was meant to be used by kids. Its designer, Pete Oyler, used a hammer to smash some cardboard and the result can be seen in the pictures. In my opinion it is a bit extreme to try to use it in your home, but kids might love using it in the garden, in the tree house or in a any other unconventional place.