Ringo Circular Rattan Chair

You could say that all furniture is alike, but it would be just as false as if you said all women are alike. So generalizing is not a good idea. That is why people try hard to be different and have personality because otherwise they would be just anonymous guys in a grey world. Well, I like special and unusual pieces of furniture for this reason: because nobody else has them and because this makes me special, too. This Ringo Circular Rattan Chair sure is unusual and special and it also has a great design.


The chair is made of rattan, a natural material that can be easily woven when green and elastic only to become resistant afterwards. That is what recommends it for outdoor furniture, but not only. It has four slim legs that support all the weight and the seating is actually in the same plan with the back rest, which can be hard to imagine unless you see a photo. The rattan weaving is circular in shape and looks like a crown surrounding the chair. It is impressive and extravagant even if we are talking about furniture. The name of this rattan chair is Ringo and it sells for $438 on Haus Interior.