Ring Lamp by Loris Bottello

Sometimes the designers find inspiration in places you wouldn’t think about. It is enough to see a certain thing, color, to smell a certain thing or to hear some musical piece and the idea pops into their minds. In this case the designer , Loris Bottello, got inspiration from the 1980s movie called “Tron”. Pretty popular back then, the movie inspired him to create the Ring lamp.This lamp has the famous shape of a ring and its base is made of black plastic material.

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The lamp is made of a Tron disc that has a copper circle on the outside. This copper wires have both an aesthetic role and also a functional one. It allows electricity to enter the lamp and get to the bioluminescent polymers that lit it. The light that is cast by the lamp is almost surreal, as it is a bit fluorescent and is dispersed by a disc. This disc is amazing and gives you a hint of what the world of the future will be like. For example you control the lamp by simply rotating the disc. You can see in the photos that a certain position of the disc (to the left) makes it turn off, then if you rotate it by degrees the lamp will increase or decrease light gradually.

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