Ring Around a Tree in Tokyo, Japan

Kids are always happy to be able to play outside, where they can run free and play with their friends. It’s also convenient for the parents because, this way, the kids consume their energy and they’ll be more attentive and quiet when they go home. You can usually find parks and playgrounds anywhere it’s a school or kindergarten. However, not all of them can say that they have such an attractive and ingenious structure on their property.

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Tezuka Architects have created a very ingenious and interesting structure at a kindergarten in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan. It’s a sort of playground that has been built around a beautiful tree. It’s called Ring Around a Tree and both the kids and the adults love it. In the center of the structure there’s a big tree with several big branches coming out. The tree has been preserved in order to ensure the parents that it’s safe. It’s a great way to bring the kids in contact with nature, to educate them in this direction and to try to make them understand that nature is a very important aspect and it should be protected.

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The playground is very fun and the kids are grateful to be able to enjoy it with their friends. The idea is very interesting and maybe it will be adopted in other institutions or parks as well.