Ribbon Staircase by HSH architects

Ribbon Staircase is a beautiful staircase created by the studio of Czech architecture HSH architects. It is fully designed from a 10mm sheet of steel folded and lacquered. Simple and minimalist, it will undoubtedly agree with your house.


As all of us have figured it out by now, the name of the design project comes from its resemblance with a ribbon we use for our clothes more often than for interior design. But in this case we are not talking about a fabric ribbon, but about a ribbon made of stainless steel that has been cut and then shaped so as to look like a giant ribbon that can also be used as a very special staircase. It is thick enough to support the body weight of whoever dares to step on it and climb upstairs and also offers a pretty unusual, but nice design.But somehow, I don’t know why, I would use it more like a decorative object than a functional staircase.