Community Clubhouse With A Ribbon Facade Inspired By Nature

Futuristic and experimental architecture is always intriguing and interesting to look at. But what’s beyond facades like that of the Green Places Community Clubhouse in Taiwan? How does the unusual shape of the building influence the layout and the functionality of the space and what makes it so special? The clubhouse was a project by Chain 10 Urban Space Design.

Community Clubhouse ribbon facadeView in gallery
The building has an undulating facade with ribbon-like volumes
Community Clubhouse illuminated poolView in gallery
The swimming pool has a unique organic shape which gives it a magical look

The design of the building is based on forms and patterns found in nature. That’s why the architects chose to give it this organic form with undulating lines and spiraling featurers. The idea was to give the structure a fluid and delicate look and to also allow it to look lightweight. It’s made up of several stacked levels with curved forms and terraces and together they look lke interlocking ribbons.

Community Clubhouse outdoor pondView in gallery
A pond surrounds the building offering a lovely view from the upper levels
Community Clubhouse organic-shaped poolView in gallery
The swimming pool has an adjacent lounge area with a built-in hot tub

A swimming pool is situated on the first floor of the building. It has a freeform with delicate curves and smooth angles and it’s lined by a poolside wooden deck and a tiled lounge area with a built-in outdoor hot tub which sits on a small island. From up here the guests can admire the pond situated on the lower level. There’s also a futuristic-looking bridge suspended above the pool.

Community Clubhouse glazed wallsView in gallery
The curved facade offers panoramic views of the pong and the surrounding landscape
Community Clubhouse curved terraceView in gallery
One side of the building has solid walls which help maintain the desired temperature indoors

One side of the building has a glazed facade while the other is solid. This discrepancy helps maintain a pleasant temperature inside and ensures a reduced impact of the sunlight on the interior spaces. At the same time, the glass panels offer unobstructed views of the nearby hills.

Community Clubhouse interior entranceView in gallery
Despite the unusual shape of the spaces, the interior is very welcoming and comfortable
Community Clubhouse spiral staircaseView in gallery
A concrete spiral staircase sets a contemporary ambiance and connects all the floors of the building

Each floor of the building has its own distinctive look. They’re all placed at differnt heights and have unique shapes. They house facilities such as a restaurant, a library, a gym and a series of spaces for events and gatherings. They’re all connected by a spiral staircase made of concrete. Concrete is actually one of the main materials used in the project. It’s usually paired with wood for a harmonious contrast but also with dramatic accent lighting and natural accents.

Community Clubhouse interior courtyardView in gallery
The interior design revolves around nature-inspired elements such as glass-encased trees
Community Clubhouse kitchen and dining areaView in gallery
The interior is organized in a way similar to a modern residence

The different heights at which the levels are organized and the ribbon-like forms offer the building a dynamic look, creating a sense of movement. At the same time, the interior is meant to create a homey ambiance full of cozyness and comfort.

Community Clubhouse social spaceView in gallery
The idea is to make everyone feel at home and comfortable