Ribbon Chair from Artifort

There is such a wide offer of furniture these days that you only notice the most unusual models and items. That is why this Ribbon chair manufactured by Artifort drew my attention. It is indeed and unusual chair or ottoman and its name comes from its shape – it looks like a ribbon. This chair is pretty uncommon because it does not resemble anything that you might associate with the notion of chair. It looks like a distorted futuristic shape or the product of a crazy imagination. However, this chair is really comfortable, not to mention original.

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Although you might find it hard to believe, the chair was designed by Pierre Paulin back in 1966 and today it is manufactured by the Dutch company mentioned before. And since the designer thought that a chair should be more than a simple functional object, but it should also bring happiness and fun, the present look of the Ribbon chair offers exactly this thing. As you can see from the pictures, the chair is vividly coloured and also expresses fun. It has the shape of a ribbon and this is possible because of the tubular steel frame that supports the upholstery. It is more of a work of art and that explains the huge price – 10,397.