Reversible Wall Art from Crate&Barrel

I don’t know about you but I find totally naked and white walls rather boring. I need something to cover them or better said decorate them. Of course I only choose a painting or a photo frame or some other nice wall decoration like a mirror or a beautiful wall clock, but I don’t leave them entirely white. I don’t know why I think this kind of house lacks personality. Any way, some of these decorations have a practical purpose, but some only a decorative one. For example this reversible wall art that you can find at Crate &Barrel is so nice, but you can’t use it for a practical purpose other than decorating your house with it. And this is a good enough purpose for me.

WallArtIt is crafted of triple ply sheet iron and it shows a nice tree branch, being rubbed by hand and having a sienna finish. Any way, you can turn it in reverse and it will look just as nice since it is reversible like the name suggests. You can use this nice wall decoration indoors, but also outdoors. It is made in Mexico and can now be purchased for $229.