“Revenge”- a Warm Setting

There was a time when TV soaps were a fashionable type of movie that everybody was watching. Here you could notice besides the story of the movie some other surprising and beautiful things. Usually this type of movie presents wonderful settings, with luxury villas and a glamorous world where everything seems perfect. The characters wear beautiful clothes, have a perfect make up or hair cut so that you have the impression they have no flaws.

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Revenge” is also a captivating movie where the Grayson mansion seems the great attraction. The exterior of this huge home is not real because it is made on computer. The actual home, located in North Carolina is the place where the pilot was filmed. Even if its exterior is not real the interior is amazing. It is a place where white seems to dominate every space but at the same time is contrasted by amounts of woodwork and dark hardwood floors, doors and window panes like in the foyer.

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In the living room there are the same high interior windows which are present all over the place and the elegant and modern light fixtures are the focal points for the dining room and kitchen.

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The master bedroom preserves the same white woodwork and represents a nice combination of warm colors like yellow, light blue and medium brown.

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Another attractive point of this house is the pool house which is full of dark blues, brown nuances and concrete floors. Near the entry there are many artwork pieces and the white woodwork completes this aquatic space.{found on 7thhouseontheleft}.