Retro style-inspired Hennie chair

Lately I had a little time to spare and I was gazing at some magazines, watching a little TV, surfing on the internet and what I’ve noticed is that actual fashion trends are more and more inspired by the first half of the past century, even the 60s. A lot of retro style-inspired elements can be seen also in furniture stores and catalogs as well in the clothing industry. I imagine if there is offer with such products, there must be a demand for them.

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I personally love those decades because from one to another there were completely different styles, and mentalities and not to forget the free spirit. In that spirit was this chair born. It is inspired by the Scandinavian design from around 1960’s and it is a work of art by definition.  You can’t even imagine the amount of craftsmanship necessary to create all those curves in the right form and in the right places.

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The  artisans heat the rattan vines until they were pliable, then manually bend each and every one of those vines until they became  part of a bigger entity. This sculptural design  has a slightly scooped seat that is super comfortable on its own, but to create a genuine stylish work of art a pillow or why not two bold patterned pillows can be added, to complete it.  Because it is handmade in Indonesia and is measures 31”W x 29”D x39”H with the arm height being around 26.5”H  and the seat height 17” this wonderful item costs $295.00 .