Retro 92 square meter apartment in Denmark

This bright and airy apartment is located in Denmark and it belongs to Anne Louise Breiner, the one who founded the BALlab design company. The apartment is functional and nicely structured. It’s very bright and has a simple interior. The walls are white throughout and the floors have a light, natural wood color. There’s a very nice balance between the cold white walls and the warm wooden floors.

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The interior has been stylishly furnished with a lot of retro pieces. For example, the shared floor plan that includes the living room, dining room and kitchen has been decorated with a cozy white sectional that only enhances the Nordic décor. There’s also a simple, traditional dining table complemented by a series of chair, all with a different design, shape and color. There’s a lot of diversity in this apartment. The décor is always simple but it doesn’t become monotonous because of the small details that make it stand out and that also add color to the rooms.

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There are a lot of small details, accessories and knick knacks that make this place feel unique and intimate. It’s a way of dealing with such a spacious and airy space and of making it feel more intimate and cozy. There are many interesting decorations of the walls. They are all chic and give character to the apartment.