Restored two-bedroom bungalow with a contrasting design

This lovely house is Blake Dollahite’s first home. The best part about it is that he got to build it with his father. It was a project they started when Blake was just out of college. They only had a small bank loan to start with but they also had a lot of helping hands so it was a fun project. Together, they restored this lovely bungalow in Austin.

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It’s a two-bedroom house with a brick patio. It’s perfect as a first home and it’s even better when you actually get to help building it. The original house had to be completely deconstructed. It was in bad condition and it didn’t really meet the new owner’s expectations and needs. As a result, everything had to be built all over again. The new structure is a modern house with a simple design. It has a plastic roof and it might not seem very secure but when you build it with your own hands everything changes.

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The project didn’t seem very large at first. Of course, it turned out to be quite challenging. The house was mostly built using recycled materials. The doors were salvaged and very cheap and most of the flooring was made by milling old roof decking. If we also consider the fact that the team of friends and family did all the works and they even designed their own light fixtures and cabinets, the costs were pretty low. At the end it got around $45 per square feet.

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Since the whole house was built basically from scratch and everyone helped with the construction, it had great sentimental value. So when Blake faced the challenge of furnishing it, Blake couldn’t just put in there anything and since he couldn’t afford the pieces he admired, he decided to make his own furniture. He set up a workshop in the last unfinished room and got to work. It was a smart idea. This way he got to design the furniture exactly how he wanted and he also got to choose the perfect proportions. It was the perfect ending to a great story.{found on dwell}.