Restaurant Interior Design at WT Hotel Italy

I have never seen a restaurant interior like this before! The best part of this restaurant is that it was especially designed as a forest hovered between reality and imagination. The genealogical figure and the big tables with a tribal shape surround the illuminated three in a gesture of gathering around the source of light and warmness give you a chance to dream with your eyes opened.

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It’s a really beautiful design, especially considering it’s for a restaurant. People usually choose the restaurants according to all kinds of criteria. Some people are really particular about their food so they base their choices according to the quality of the meals served there. Others don’t really care much about that and they just want to find a beautiful and elegant place where they can enjoy a nice meal.  And usually the aesthetic factor wins over the gourmet one.




But when you manage to find a place looks so incredibly good and that also serves delicious food, that instantly become your favorite restaurant. And these things are important for the owners, so investing in a design like this is a really big deal and a very good idea as well. This restaurant is the perfect example.