Australian Residence Merges Exquisite Design and Breathtaking Views

The quest for the best way to capture the magnificent views that a site offers inspires architects to create some really amazing designs. Projects such as City Beach, a private residence in Perth, Australia, illustrate how this concept works.

City Beach residence bathroom2
City Beach residence bathroom2
City Beach residence bathroom2

The residence was designed by Cambuild & Banham Architects. It’s a two-level structures that merges the interior spaces and the surrounding landscape forming one amazing retreat. The most spectacular is the upper floor which is almost completely opened to the views.

City Beach residence bathroom2

The living space occupies one end of an L-shaped open floor plan. As you go up the stairs to reach this level, you’ll find it on the left side while directly in front is a series of floor-to-ceiling glass walls and sliding doors and a modern fireplace positioned in such a way that it can be enjoyed from both sides of the glass structure.


The rest of the interior space on this level is occupied by the kitchen and the dining area. The kitchen is white and spacious, with an island at the center, white furniture throughout and a set of windows that form a fluid glass partition between this space and the outside world.


The dining area stands out. It’s formed of a robust wooden table and a set of black chairs complemented by white hanging pendant lights. Both the kitchen and the dining area are connected to an outdoor terrace.


The way the indoor and outdoors spaces blend is really majestic. An undulated roof protects the exterior spaces from rain and too much sunlight, offering a pleasant and intimate mood.


Out on the terrace is a second dining area and a casual lounge space. A swimming pool completes this amazing area.


Going down the beautiful wooden staircase, we’ll reach the ground floor where all the private areas are found. This distribution was chosen in order to allow the social areas to make the most of the stunning views.


Each of the three bedrooms is beautiful and inspiring in its own way. One of them seems to be the perfect kids’ room, with a sleek desk in front of the window and a simple but practical design.


The second bedroom is also simple and has a similar design. Only the basic features were included and this allows the room to feel open and airy even if it’s not particularly spacious.


The master bedroom is the most impressive of them all. It has huge windows that wrap around the corner to offer uninterrupted views, long, heavy curtains for privacy and tripod lamps on the nightstands.


The two bathrooms have similar designs. They both feature walls of mirrors, wall-mounted vanities and simple but chic washbasins. They each have a bathtub built into a platform and they play with simple and natural colors and subtle accent lighting.