Residence In Texas With Extraordinary Views

With an exceptionally good view of the city below, this is a three-story building that is surrounded with a wonderful garden like bush that naturally gives off its essence. The one bedroom piece of architecture lays generally at an n angle of 270 degrees, making it lay gently across a pivot of Leuders limestone.

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Popping in for your first time, you will be welcomed to a heavy glass door which paves way to the ebony based staircase, that lead you to the main house. Once inside, you will be astonished by the amount of glasswork that gives the house its glare. One of these windows will give way to the sight of the private garden that has been planted outside.

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Upstairs will usher you to the very expansive roofing that will be the best viewing area of the city. The bathroom’s bathtub is adorned with different colorings off marble. This is quite a marvel.{ Alterstudio Architects }.