Sophisticated Family Residence Following A Timeless Aesthetic

Beaumaris White House is a contemporary private residence located in the Australian town that inspired its name. The residence was designed by In2. The focus was on creating a design that was functional and which would make this a space in which the clients’ family could grow into.

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The architects chose a timeless and minimalistic aesthetic and used modern building techniques and materials to create a low maintenance building with a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. They designed the house with large windows and glass walls which let light in and maximize the views.

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Glass panels separate the outdoor social spaces and the pool and lounge areas. The covered deck seamlessly communicates with the rest of the outdoor spaces and serves as a buffer zone between these and the indoor spaces.

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But even though all these spaces share a strong connection and seamlessly communicate with each others, there’s also a clear separation and distinction between them.

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The residence also has a multiple car garage with an attached man cave and they occupy the basement level, taking advantage of the inclination of the site. The man cave is really inviting, with wood flooring, a large wine rack, pleasant lighting and comfortable Eames lounge chairs.

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The ground floor contains the social spaces. The living room is a bright and welcoming area with a large L-shaped sectional with light fabric upholstery and orange accents and two comfortable armchairs that reiterate the same accent color.

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There’s also a TV area which also features a cozy modular sectional but has a rather different color palette, featuring green as the chosen shade. The wall opposite of it is partially covered in wood panels with a rich stain, except for the upper glass section.

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The kitchen is large and shares an open floor plan with the dining area and the living space, although a divider offer the latter plenty of privacy. A long and narrow dining table complemented by classic wooden chairs forms the dining space, defined by an area rug with a geometric design.

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The kitchen island is large and has a similar shape and size as the dining table. The two are parallel to each other. Behind it is the kitchen counter and cabinetry, sharing the same simple lines and straight angles.

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The matching marble kitchen countertop and backsplash give this space a uniform and symmetrical look. The light-colored veins form an abstract and artistic design and contrast with the dark shade but communicate beautifully with the lower cabinetry.

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The upper level houses four bedrooms and is a private zone. A sleek spiral staircase offers access to these areas and dominates the central hallway with its sculptural look and sophisticated contrasts of color, texture and material.

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A modern globe chandelier complements the staircase with its sculptural and chic design.

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The bedrooms are generally simple but don’t lack character. Although they each feature their own color palette and various patterns and textures, the holistic approach chosen by the designers ensure a cohesive and harmonious ambiance throughout.

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The bathrooms are each very stylish and interesting. This smaller one reiterates some of the features seen in the kitchen, such as the way the backsplash and the counter share a connection and the overall simplicity.

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The master bathroom is more spacious. In here, the functions are separated so the space isn’t limited to just one person. The freestanding tub is at the center of the room while the shower and the toilet areas are enclosed and semi-private.

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The large wall-mounted vanity is complemented by a marble countertop that is similar to that used in the kitchen. Each sink has its own mirror and there’s a lovely symmetry in this part of the bathroom.

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The lighted mirror gives this corner a really intimate, resort-like feel enhanced by the large indoor plants and the materials and textures used throughout.

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