Townhouse Renovation Creates Harmony Through Color

The interior of this Brooklyn townhouse located in New York was renovated by Ben Herzog Architect who worked in collaboration with Kiki Dennis Interiors for this project. The 25 foot wide townhouse was completely redesigned, featuring an open concept kitchen design and an array of beautifully chosen colors throughout.

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The team decided to open up the main living area by adding a large steel beam above. The kitchen, dining area and the living room share the same volume and they each maintain their individuality through clever design techniques.

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A modern and cozy sofa was placed in front of a fireplace. The TV above the fireplace turns and this particular portion of the wall into a focal point for the seating area. An area rug with a distinctive, geometric pattern defines the area emphasizing the perimeter of this particular function.

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The kitchen occupies the far end of the room and stands out with its clean but classic design. There are two kitchen islands, one of which serves as a prep area and the other containing the sink and a bar extension.

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Tall, wall-mounted cabinets, some blending it with a light gray tone, others matching the rest of the furniture, provide lots of storage, making the kitchen practical and user-friendly.

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A white table complemented by a set of simple-looking chairs provides a dining space, in addition to the one that shares the floor plan with the living area. Three intriguing pendant lamps are hanging above the table.

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Perhaps the chromatic palette didn’t provide much interest in the case of the main social area but as soon as you get to see the other rooms as well it becomes clear that the colors used for this project are no random selection. The home office is a beautiful display of smokey lavender walls with hardwood floors and white accents in the form or niche shelves and furniture. A bring blue chandelier is the focal point of the room, providing an unexpected splash of color.

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A harmonious display of colors is also featured on the hallway where a striped carpet highlights the long and narrow nature of the space. The array of warm, earthy shades is complemented by blue details.

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The bedroom is designed with light grays, toned down purples and various shades of blue. One of the walls was turned into an interesting gallery for colored accent decorations. The designer also played with various textures here to create an inviting ambiance.

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The bathrooms are not lacking character either. One features a fresh combination of white and aqua, with a glass shower and a bright and invigorating décor. The other has a walk-in shower and a large two-sink vanity mounted on the wall to maintain a sense of spaciousness.

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The small powder room may look simple but has a clever, space-efficient design. The sink is placed in the corner and a small shelf extends over the toilet to provide a nice display area for a vase. The large mirror makes the tiny room seem larger while the chandelier adds a touch of sophistication.

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