Renovated Tribeca Loft Now Features A Mix Of Classic And Modern Elements

Located in Tribeca, New York, this loft mansion is a dream home for lots of people. Structurally speaking, it has what most people want: high ceilings, large spaces and a roof terrace. The building in which is situated was built in 1862. Nevertheless, it’s in wonderful condition. The entire building was renovated but it preserved its historic charm by Studio Rivelli Architects. This major renovation also brought modern conveniences such as the elevator or the gym.

Mansion loft living space

The loft we’re interested in today was also renovated a while ago. Now it features a mix of classic and modern elements and it combined the best of both eras. Certain elements are reminiscent of the building’s past as a shoe factory and they are exposed and preserved. To make the loft feel more inviting and warm, dark hardwood was used for the floors. In combination with the exposed brick, the contrast is strong but balanced.

Mansion loft living space1

Mansion loft living space2

Mansion loft living space3

Mansion loft living space4

The main living area is very large and it contains a living space as well as a gaming room. The space is dominated by the glass staircase which gives the loft a modern look. The staircase connects three levels and it continues from the living area into an open gallery. The loft has a huge kitchen equipped with every appliance imaginable. It’s been decorated with open shelving instead of typical cabinets and this detail gives it a special appearance.

Mansion loft living space5

Mansion loft living space6

Mansion loft living space7

Mansion loft living space8

The dining space is adjacent to the kitchen and it gets its light from above. It has exposed brick walls that contrast with the colorful artwork. The loft also has a music room with both classic and contemporary instruments. On the same level there’s also a second living room, more casual this time.