Renovated Tower House Draws Beauty From Its Rugged Surroundings

The Mani Peninsula in Greece is a beautiful place that offers a variety of natural attractions and splendid views. It’s here, on a hilltop, that a tower house can be found. The structure sits on a site measuring 900 square meters that offers views of the sea and olive groves.

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tower holiday house in Greece views of landscapeView in gallery

The tower house was an existing structure on the site when Z-level, a team comprised of specialists in different fields including interior and graphic design, started working on making a client’s vision come true. The team’s focus is always on quality but this doesn’t stop them from being innovative. Combining new design strategies with the cultural and physical context of a building is their specialty.

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The team completed projects all over Greece, working on cultural buildings, museums and residential projects. This tower house is a particularly interesting case for a variety of reasons. The goal was to renovate the tower and to covert it into a holiday destination.

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Because the site is an isolated area that offers no direct access, no current water, electrical power and a few other such elemental necessities, the architects had to be creative. The solution was logical: to turn the tower into a self-sufficient structure.

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The existing building was a two-level structure and the architects had to add a new extension in the form of a long and narrow volume. The new addition measures 62 square meters which, combined with the original 88 square meters of living space, result in plenty of room for a family or a group of friends to enjoy a vacation here.

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Both the tower and the new extension make good use of natural light and enjoy natural ventilation, this emphasizing the sustainable nature of the new design.

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The project was completed in 2011 and the result was a pair of secluded and inviting houses that can be used as independent structures or as a single holiday villa. Each can sleep between 4 and 5 people and they each have individual access to the outdoor areas.

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As far as the interior design goes, it’s easy to understand why someone would fall in love with this place. The exposed stone walls, the rugged texture on the ceiling and the natural palette of materials give both structures a very welcoming look.

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Imagine sleeping in a loft bed, in a cave-like nook and you can admire the unique texture of the stone walls and the way the light highlights it. Imagine looking out the window and seeing an amazing landscape with the sea in the distance.

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Each area seems familiar but, at the same time, looks unique. The kitchen is between rustic and industrial with a hint of modern and, even though the interior design is defined by a rugged charm, the spaces also feel very cozy and welcoming.

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