Renovated summer residence in Tuscany

Located in Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany, Italy, this residence is surrounded by beautiful trees and wonderful landscape. In this region, the buildings are surrounded by dunes with pines, oaks and myrtles and they are connected by paths that follow the landscape. The idea was to avoid artificial transformation of the land and to preserve its natural beauty.

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This residence is a summer house and it was originally built in the mid-60s. It 2008 it was renovated by Massimo Fiorido Associati+ sundaymorning. It was in pretty bad shape and this gave the architects the opportunity to rethink the whole project. The idea was to create a strong connection with the nature and to allow it to blend in by using a palette of natural colors found in that region. The architects also had to redefine and restructure the internal space. They created a sequence of rooms closely connected to each other that also provide a close connection to the surrounding landscape.

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The dining room features a succession of openings of the same size that provide panoramic views of the dune landscape. The rest of the rooms feature a similar design. When reorganizing and renovating the residence, the team had to conduct a series of interventions. This changed the shape of the residence and also had a strong impact on the exterior. The changes were designed to highlight some elements such as the double-pitched roof and the exterior design. The materials used to renovate the exterior were meant to allow it to blend in with the surrounding landscape.