Renovated Loft by Lisa and Joel Santos

Everybody wants to have a big house or apartment, with enough space for the entire family, for the friends who would like to stay over night and for all the necessary things that are gathered in a lifetime. Lisa and Joel’s Loft is one of those places that have everything you could dream of and the more you look at it, the more you like it. Once you enter, you have the impression of a great open environment, but not any kind of place, a particularly large one, a bit industrial, but pleasant.

Lisa and Joel%C2%B4s Loft 2

The ceilings are very high, the walls reveal a lot of concrete and bricks, but the most interesting aspect is the mid-century furniture that gives that cozy air to the entire space. In a generally white or grey atmosphere, there are the furniture pieces, the staircase and the decorative objects that make the difference and give life to the place.

Lisa and Joel%C2%B4s Loft 2View in gallery

Lisa and Joel%C2%B4s Loft 2View in gallery

The living room is very spacious and attractive, the bedroom is simple, but the painting on the wall gives a personal mark, the bathroom is very modern, while the garden constitutes the perfect place to spend a few quiet hours in a good company. The openness and the width provide a pleasant mood that makes you feel at ease and the color spots animate everything around you.{found on chicagohomemag}