Renovated House In California Becomes A Cat Paradise

Most people settle for one or maybe two cats but the owner of this house has 18. He loves them all and he wants to offer them the best home possible so he decided to start a renovation in order to make his house more cat-friendly and more fun for his furry friends. The house we’re discussing is located in Goleta, California. Although the owner’s name remains a mystery, we have plenty of info on the house.

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The renovation cost was $35.000 and it was all for the cats. Lots of changes were made in order to turn this place into a cat paradise. A spiral walkway was installed and a series of other fun features such as tiny stairs and ledges, climbing polls and scratching posts.

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The office, for example, has an entire wall of walkways. Even the bathroom has cat furniture. It features a tiny staircase and a series of ledges which form a lovely path along the top of the room.

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The house is also decorated with artwork dedicated to these lovely felines. In the bathroom there’s a cat statue and in the entryway there’s a colorful cat painting.

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All the rooms were redecorated and they’re now perfect for both the owner and his cats. But the renovation didn’t focus only on comfort and beauty. The house also got a new ventilation system which is much needed when you have so many cats. The air is regulated and stays fresh, making the house even more inviting.