Renovated family residence in Carlton North for sale

This beautiful house is located on 57 Wilson Street, Carlton North, Vic 3054, on the sunny side of one of Princes Hills premier streets. Behind a classical façade it hides a beautifully renovated interior. The house has an airy and relaxing feel, making it perfect for a family with children. The house has been renovated and it features a contemporary interior design.

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The property includes a total of 4 bedrooms, the master suite with walk-in wardrobe and en-suite bathroom, a central family bathroom, a TV lounge, a study/playroom, a large hallway in the center, a spacious kitchen, garage, garden and pool. The house already has a study room that can be converted into a playroom. However, if needed, one of the four bedrooms can also be converted into an office for example.The house has a garage that can only accommodate one car.

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The internal structure of the house is cleverly designed. There’s a central hallway that divided the house while also offering access to the kitchen and the outdoor area. The kitchen is large and airy and it’s part of a casual living space. The four bedrooms are bright and inviting.

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The outdoor features include the garden and the pool. The property is both functional and beautiful. Its classical façade is hiding this lovely contemporary interior while also having touches itself. For more information about the property you can contact the agent or visit it between April 26th and May 3rd.