Renovated Duplex Inspired By Foliage And Views Of The Park

The location and immediate surroundings of a residence have a big impact on its interior design and ambiance in some cases. A house or an apartment with a view of a large park can be influenced by this and can feature an interior design that uses natural materials and fresh colors. This influence can also reflect itself in the decor in other ways as well. A suggestive example is this duplex located in Montreal, Canada. It was recently renovated by MXMA Architecture & Design.

La Casa renovation in Montreal kitchen and dining areaView in gallery
The new design attempts to bring the outdoors in and to exploit the warmth of natural materials
La Casa renovation in Montreal kitchen islandView in gallery
A lot of wood can be seen throughout, used in combination with black and white accents

The duplex has a view of Lafontaine Park and the architects chose to use this detail in their design. Their studio specializes in creating memorable designs and exploring new ideas which can offer their clients original experiences. They completed this project in 2016 and during the process they were inspired by the abundant foliage in the park.

La Casa renovation in Montreal kitchen island pendantsView in gallery
There’s a very interesting geometry that defines the ceilings in this residence
La Casa renovation in Montreal dining tableView in gallery
The furniture is simple and made of wood, exploiting its natural warmth and pleasant texture

In order to reflect the impact that nature had on the interior design of the apartment, the architects used a lot of wood. It became a part of the design in the form of walls, floors, sculptural ceilings and furniture. All the wood gives the spaces a really welcoming and pleasant look thanks to its natural warmth.

La Casa renovation in Montreal dining room shelvesView in gallery
The dining table and chairs are simple and elegant, capturing the essence of the material and colors
La Casa renovation in Montreal fireplace
A built-in fireplace makes the decor even more welcoming, warm and comfortable
La Casa renovation in Montreal ceiling and staircaseView in gallery
The ceiling here gets transformed into a staircase and has this unique geometry

The wood elements are complemented by contrasting features. A modern kitchen island in black occupies a central role in the design, having three sleek pendant lamps above it and being complemented by a dark dining table and matching chairs.

La Casa renovation in Montreal wooden ceiling geometryView in gallery
The ceiling can easily serve as a focal point for the kitchen and dining areas
La Casa renovation in Montreal upstairs skylightView in gallery
The upper floor is occupied by the bedrooms and bathrooms, being a private zone

The social area on the lower level also has built-in shelves which blend natural wood with black details. A built-in fireplace gives the space a particularly comfortable ambiance. The color palette here is based on light shades and the decor is very open and fresh throughout. Despite the change in color, the entire duplex has a very homogenous look thanks to all the wood which defines all the rooms.

La Casa renovation in Montreal bedroom wall unitView in gallery
A large wall unit occupies an entire wall in the master bedroom, offering lots of storage
La Casa renovation in Montreal bathroom walk in showerView in gallery
The white on the ceiling and walls makes the bathroom feel more spacious

The upper level is a private zone which houses three bedrooms for the kids and a master suite.

La Casa renovation in Montreal master bathroomView in gallery
The hexagonal floor tiles add a cheerful touch to the bathroom decor