Renaissance Leaves Wallpaper

Wallpaper was invented in order to respond to the people’s need of having a lasting interior design, something that will protect their home walls and something that will not have to be repainted every summer. Wallpaper is very useful, resistant in time and also very nice for the interior design. You only have to buy a nice designed wallpaper and your room will look great. And you can do it yourself, without the help of specialists. Any way, there are different opinions both pro and against, but I honestly like wallpaper. And this special design with Renaissance Leaves Wallpaper is simple and great.

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Farrow&Ball have produced wallpapers for all tastes , but I like this one most. It has stylized oak leaves on and the overall design is somewhat resembling the Renaissance style. The leaves are coloured in the same colour as the background, having only one gentle darker shade and this looks great, both catching the eye, but no so much as being annoying. The wallpaper comes in nine available colours and you can purchase it now for €110.00 per roll. Just measure the area of the walls you want covered, make an approximation of how many rolls you need and order everything online.